Children's Advocacy Center

What is a Children's Advocacy Center?

Partners' Children's Advocacy Center (CAC) is a nationally accredited center that provides a child-friendly, neutral, and safe location for child and adolescent victims and witnesses of child abuse, neglect, and other crimes to receive Forensic Interviews and specialized evidentiary medical examinations. 

CAC's work to also provide non-offending family members with support services, including crisis intervention, mental health and referrals to other services.

CAC Mission:

Partner's CAC goal is to reduce trauma to a child/adolescent by:

  • Providing competent and quality child abuse services to child/adolescent victims.
  • Providing onsite comprehensive child abuse examinations.
  • Providing quality Forensic Interviews to reduce the number of interviews a child/adolescent victim/witness receives.
  • Coordinating and working with a Multidisciplinary Team to ensure the child and family receives proper services.

How to prepare you child for their CAC visit:

  • Your child should be informed that the CAC is a safe and child friendly place.
  • Children/adolescents should know that they are not receiving services at the CAC because they are in trouble for any reason.
  • Encourage your child to tell speak only truthful things.
  • Parents be mindful to not talk to your child about what happened, unless the child brings it up themselves.
    • If your child chooses to talk to you, remember to be supportive, calm and listen, but do not ask follow-up questions. Leave asking additional questions to the professionals.