Child Forensic Interview

Only law enforcement may refer a child for a forensic interview. At all forensic interviews, law enforcement must be present.

Forensic interviews create an environment that allows the child an opportunity to talk to a trained professional regarding an allegation of child abuse, or when a child has been a witness to violent crime. All forensic interviews are done in a developmentally sensitive, unbiased and truth seeking manner regarding what the child has experienced.

Spokane County Child Abuse protocols provide that when the child is under the age of ten, or the individual is developmentally delayed, the child/individual is referred to Partners for the interview.

Exceptions are:

  • cases which require immediate action where Partners’ forensic interviewer is not available;
  • intake interviews conducted by Child Protective Services or law enforcement only to determine the nature of the complaint and to assess safety.

All interviews are observed by law enforcement and recorded as evidence.