Kids Court

Partners' Child Advocacy Center staff coordinate Spokane County Kids and Teen Courts, which are innovative court awareness programs. These programs were developed by professionals to aid child and teen victims and witnesses, and their families through the court process by helping lessen their anxiety about testifying in court through art, role play and other educational activities. All children, including those served through Partners CAC, are eligible to attend.

In the Children's Session, children:

  • Learn that telling the truth is the most important thing to remember about testifying in court;
  • Find out what they can do if they feel uncomfortable while testifying in court;
  • Learn about courtroom procedures and the court staff and their jobs;
  • Are encouraged to talk about how they feel about going to court;
  • Learn techniques that will help reduce their anxiety and fear about testifying in court;
  • Gain confidence in their role in the court process and their ability to overcome the adversity that brought them here;
  • Are able to see that adults care about them.

In the Parents' Session, participants:

  • Learn ways to support their child/teen during this stressful time;
  • Share common concerns about being involved with their children in the legal process and gain a greater insight into the criminal justice system;
  • Discuss ways to reduce stress, anxiety, anger and depression;
  • Learn that our community cares and will respond with sensitivity to the needs of child victims and witness and their families.