About Us

Partners with Families & Children is the only agency of its kind in the Inland Northwest

Compelled by the mission to prevent, interrupt and repair cycles of abuse and neglect within families, Partners is a social safety net for abused and neglected children with the capability to provide holistic supportive family services to all families across the Inland Northwest.

Partners' Vision:    Safe children, healthy families, thriving communities

Partners' Values:   Hope- We believe change is possible for a brighter future

                                 Compassion- We treat everyone with respect and kindness

                                 Collaboration- We work together with families and community partners

Everything we do – from evaluation to treatment services for children and families – prevents child abuse, encircles families with security and support, and provides treatment and caring so that families can thrive and children can live healthy, productive lives.

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More than a Children's Advocacy Center

Why is the Children's Advocacy Center model so important? How does it make a difference for child victims of abuse? At it's core, the model is about teamwork - bringing agency professionals involved in a case together - and about putting the needs of the child victim first. So rather than having a child taken from agency to agency throughout the law enforcement and child protection system, the CAC model brings the system to the child, and brings agency professionals together to work in a collaborative approach that results in effective, efficient and child-centered healing.

At Partners, our work does not stop there. Child abuse affects the physical and mental health of the victim, as well as every member of the victim's family and ultimately the entire community. Partners provides services that enhance the health and quality of life in all our neighborhoods. We not only prevent and interrupt cycles of abuse; we repair the family unit with the support of all family members. Partners' team includes mental health and substance use disorders professionals, because we know that nearly one in five people, or 42.5 million American adults, has a diagnosable mental health condition, and 12% of children live with a parent with a substance use disorder.

Partners provides care and treatment for all family members
with the goal of restoring a healthy family unit.

We make a Difference. Every day.

In 2015, two members of Partners’ team were recognized by the March of Dimes Washington Nurse of the Year Awards in the categories of Advocacy for Patients and the Legend of Nursing, and in 2016 Children's Advocacy Center Director Karen Winston became the sixth member of the Partners' team to be recognized as a Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital Advocate of the Year Award for Community Service.