Enrollment for Mental Health Services

In order to receive mental health services, Medicaid requires that each individual (child, adolescent, or adult) applying for services meet medical necessity criteria. Children under age thirteen (13) must have the consent of the legal guardian or parent before mental health services can be provided.

After a request for service is made we will offer an appointment for an intake evaluation, within ten (10) working days of the request to determine if mental health services are necessary. Once medical necessity is established a recovery plan is developed that contains a set of treatment services designed to help the individual, his or her family, or others at the individual’s request who play a direct role in assisting the individual to establish and/or maintain stability in her/his daily life. The recovery plan addresses what is important to each individual and reflects cultural considerations, strengths, and age.

For referrals or further information, please contact Christie Pelz at (509) 473-4829 or