Engaging Fatherhood


Engaging Fatherhood is a one-weekend, 16-hour workshop just for men that emphasizes the importance men have in the lives of the children they raise. The class has been shown to be effective for increasing skills in the areas of understanding the needs and feelings of children, forming appropriate expectations for children at different ages, resolving parent-child conflicts, co-parenting, communication, and creating a nurturing family.

Participation in the class is by referral from Children's Administration. Self-referrals may also be accepted if there is room in the class. Call (509) 473-4810 to inquire.

Partners recognizes the importance of men in the lives of the children they help raise. Children who have loving male role models in their lives tend to be happier and more confident but most importantly, they have the opportunity to grow up to be better parents themselves. Partners supports the mental health of children by supporting loving and positive relationships with the adult men in their lives.

Fatherhood Conference and Resource Fair

Did you know that Father's Day originated in Spokane? In celebration, everyone is welcome to attend this community event, held each year in June. This special day for parents and professionals includes great break out sessions, parenting resources, morning coffee and donuts and free lunch. The event is presented by the DADS Committee of Spokane - dedicated to creating resources for local fathers. Developing Advocacy for Dad (DADS) is a collaborative effort of many professionals who provide and develop services to fathers and other men fulfilling the role of a father in Spokane County. In order to lessen the gap in services to men and fathers, DADS provides community education, training for agencies in becoming "father friendly" and help in developing needed programs.

“You are critical to the development of your children. Your children want you, not alternatives. Show your love. Have eye contact, give hugs."

- John O'Neill, parent advocate