The Innovative Project at Geiger Correctional Center

The purpose of the "Incarceration to Recovery" Project, located at Geiger Correctional Facility, is to reduce recidivism and substance use disorders among the inmate population within 45 days of their release. Partners' Substance Use Disorders staff facilitate treatment by bridging the gaps between the criminal justice system and community treatment systems. Our goal is to decrease substance use disorders in Spokane County, and to provide a healthier and safer community for all.

Two chemical dependency professionals from Partners work full time at the Geiger Correctional Facility to:

  • provide Substance Use Disorders assessments;
  • provide referrals and linkage to appropriate community services;
  • refer and schedule for substance use disorders treatment appointments;
  • arrange and coordinate supportive services post-release; and
  • provide case consultation with Geiger staff, probation officers, court officials and others as appropriate.